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Swallowtail Butterfly un film du genre Drama/Crime/ , sortie en 1996-09-14 réalisé par "Pony Canyon" et "OORONG-SHA" avec une durée de " 148 Minutes ". ce projet est sortie aux Japan avec la participation de plusieurs acteurs et réalisateur Ayumi Ito et Yosuke Eguchi et Chara et Hiroshi Mikami, Andy Hui , Atsuro Watabe , Kaori Momoi, Tomoko Yamaguchi , Nene Otsuka , Yoriko Doguchi , Mickey Curtis , Tetsu Watanabe , Tadanobu Asano , Ken Enomoto
An industrial section of Japan got the name of Yentown as many immigrants come to make money and hope to go home rich. A small group of people in Yentown try to work together to survive, there is a girl named Ageha who has no family, Glico the hooker, Fei Hong a poor immigrant from Shanghai, Arrow an ex boxer from the US and Ren the mysterious guy who seems to know too much about guns. Fortune shines upon them when they find a cassette that we'll get them rich but along with money trouble will always follow.
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